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Images of the Moment: Progress at Rideau Station

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Today, we present a small selection of photos documenting the progress of preparing Rideau Station to host OC Transpo’s expanding light rail service via the Confederation Line, and the effects that work has on Rideau Centre, by day and night.

Interim Shelter at Rideau 3

Machines at Rideau Pit 3

Interim Shelter at Rideau 1

Rideau Pit at Night

Machines at Rideau Pit

All images presented with the permission of the photographer.



  1. I’m about 98% sure that that is not related to Light Rail construction, which is centred around 3 primary points: East of Booth for the Western tunnel entrance; at Queen and Kent, where they are digging a vertical tunnel to tunnel East from; and the Eastern tunnel entrance near Laurier and Waller, where they are tunneling West. While there are other points where construction may be involved, this graphic ( does not suggest the Rideau St near the Rideau Centre as one of them. The construction you see in these pictures is much more likely to be related to the Rideau Centre’s expansion, which is set to expand into that parking lot, and currently underway (

  2. My understanding – as far back as the ByWard Market Jane’s Walk tour conducted by Barry Padolsky this past year – is that the ScotiaBank Building directly across the street from the Rideau Centre was expropriated as part of the DOTT process, and that the tunnel will be connecting to the Rideau Centre in some fashion.

    It’s possible that my understanding is imperfect, and I look forward to further clarification or correction.