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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered



  1. Indeed. You should submit a well angled photo showing how cheap the new owners of this public land were in taking those extra 5 meters that chop off the view of Aberdeen. This entire site is a very poor architecture, it makes the Glebe look cheap and common and old-ugly-downtown style. All that’s missing is common boring chain stores, which we know will be the vast majority of tenants. Traffic will be fun which in turn will make the entire site all about a shopping mall for the Glebe, a few condos, and not about sports. ie the original plan from the point of view of the people who put this in motion.

  2. I think that there should not be a movie theater at Lansdowne park. They should had left the WEP cinemas opened downtown. They did not sell alcoholic beverages at the WEP cinemas which was good. In my opinion, alcoholic drinks should never be sold in movie theaters! Where are you going to park at Lansdowne park just to see a movie? At least at the WEP, you could park for free on weekends in the garage or at the university. I am sure that one would have to pay a lot for parking at Lansdowne park. Now they are demolishing the cinemas at the WEP to build offices. I miss the WEP cinemas very much. It was my favorite movie theater.