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OC Transpo Nostalgia: A public transit trip back to 1959

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As a part of the nostalgia that was the opening of Lansdowne Park last week, OC Transpo had a retro 1959 bus on display as a interesting reminder of our public transit heritage. Striped in forest green, orangey-red, and buttercream paint, Bus 5931 was retired in 1979 after clocking up some serious mileage (881,699 Kms as of 2012) and was one of 107 buses purchased by the City as it transitioned from street cars to buses. According to a sign beside the bus at Lansdowne, the bus could hold forty-five people seated and an addition twenty-five standing, servicing 23 routes daily. It is the last bus remaining of its model number (GMC TDH-5105) and was the first bus to be preserved by OC Transpo.

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