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  1. Alternate suggested text submitted by James:

    LeBreton Flats is the last large undeveloped site in the heart of Canada’s capital. Especially on the verge of our 150th anniversary celebrations, development and plans for it must consider the long term. The interests and values of the nation as well as the views of local communities must be considered, not just those with a particular business interest. Planning and approval processes therefore must engage Canadians as citizens and respect the history, environment and liveability of the site within a more general context.

    As a true steward of the nation’s capital, the NCC must encourage this engagement, not foreclose it. I therefore ask that the NCC make no binding decisions on development plans for this site of national significance until it has laid out a path for that engagement and committed to respect it.

  2. The current public consultation is ineffective. It is too late in the process and it lacks public transparency. It also forces the public to ‘react’ to each proposal, where I argue that we need to start with public input of ideas FIRST. These ideas would later turn into design concepts that are used in the project requirements. The approach chosen is an out-dated, top-down, “we know best”, approach which no longer works in a digitally connected & modern democracy. I don’t think it ever really worked! Additionally, the NCC only has to “consider” the input of the consultation. This opens the door to bias and subjectivity by evaluators. Early collection of ideas broadens the conversation and provides local and global insights on what is possible on LeBreton Flats. When this stage is complete open the doors –and invite in the expertise of the architects and urban planners.

  3. Michelle Reimer

    It is a risk to more or less have a free for all which you want take Landsdown there was a group that wanted a massive park it would have cost 3 million and it would have had to be 100% funded by the city.