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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Portrait Sonore visits Ottawa Downtown Modern

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Portrait Sonore has released the latest of its podcast documentaries of Canadian urban spaces; Ottawa Downtown Modern.

These “pocket documentaries” highlight areas of the city marked by modernization, as well as bold yet little-known buildings and works, showing the relationship between what has been built and the values ​​it expresses and the concerns it translates. Portrait Sonore also gives a human dimension to these inanimate objects by stimulating reflection and sharpening our awareness.

Ottawa Downtown Modern will guide you through a 11 sites in the downtown core including the former Union Station, Garden of the Provinces and Territories, Bank of Canada, Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library, and National Arts Centre.

For the full experience, you can download the Portrait Sonore app and walk-along with the tour route guided by vivid descriptions and explanations of the buildings and surrounding urban spaces by many of the city’s experts in architecture, planning, and heritage. The playlist is also available online for a virtual tour you can enjoy from home.

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