Dwight Williams divides his time between writing, illustration (particularly in the comic book form), and office work. His lifelong interest in issues and technologies of civic infrastructure was the inspiration for his co-authorship of the Daily Planet Guide to Gotham City in 2000 for the DC Universe Role-Playing Game line, and is the basis for his continuing interest in both real-world current affairs and the imaginative realms of science fiction.

His home page can be found here, and he maintains a personal weblog as well.

Image of the Moment: Transitway Underpass

Location: Taken from underneath the Transitway bridge, connecting Hurdman and Lees Stations, looking north across the Rideau River... Read More

Image of the Moment: A theatrical corner in Ottawa

Location: The Great Canadian Theatre Company, corner of Holland Ave and Wellington St W Date of photo: January 25, 2014... Read More

Image of the Moment: Eaton’s at Rideau – The last remnant

Location: The Rideau Centre Date of photo: January 24, 2014 Photographer: Dwight Williams During the process of remodelling those... Read More

Image of the Moment: Snowy Construction at Rideau Centre

Location: The Rideau Centre/Station construction site, as work continues to progress. Date of photo: December 17, 2013... Read More

Images of the Moment: Progress at Rideau Station

Today, we present a small selection of photos documenting the progress of preparing Rideau Station to host OC Transpo’s... Read More

Image of the Moment: Tunnel Mouth at Waller Street

Part of the continuing process of building the Confederation Line. In this instance, we look at the eastern end of the Downtown Ottawa... Read More

Image of the Moment: Mayflower No More

A fixture of the Elgin Street food and drink landscape for over 35 years, the Mayflower Restaurant and Pub ended its days in October... Read More