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Privacy Policy


This privacy statement applies to information about identifiable individuals (“Personal Information”), regardless of medium, in the custody or control of Spacing and collected by (collectively referred to in this statement as “”). Please note that Spacing may revise this Privacy Statement at any time and any changes will apply to all Personal Information held by Spacing at the time of the revision.

What Information We Collect and How

When you visit Spacing, we also automatically collect information related to each visit that in some jurisdictions is considered Personal Information (e.g. your IP address, date and time of visit, URLs of pages visited).

How We Use or Share Your Personal Information

Any use or disclosure of Personal Information will be in accordance with this privacy statement or where permitted or required by law. Spacing uses your Personal Information to communicate with you about our ongoing work.

While Spacing is the custodian of the Personal Information provided to us, our website and associated databases are maintained by third party service providers who may be in countries other than Canada. Please note that Personal Information located in any jurisdiction is subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

In the event Spacing ceases to operate, or merges with another organization following the completion of its mandate, the Personal Information held by Spacing will be transferred to a successor organization designated by the Spacing.

Privacy/data protection laws in many jurisdictions permit or require the disclosure of Personal Information without consent in specific circumstances. Spacing will disclose Personal Information without consent only in such circumstances as permitted or required by law but, in doing so, will not disclose more information than is required.

Your Consent to Our Use and Disclosure of Your Information

By providing your Personal Information to Spacing, either through our web site or the use of a widget placed on another organization’s web site, you agree and consent that Spacing may collect, use, disclose or otherwise process your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Statement. You are free to withdraw your consent at any time and, upon reasonable, advance notice, Spacing shall stop using your Personal Information.

Your provision of Personal Information to a partner organization is subject to the privacy policy, notice or statement of that organization and Spacing relies on that organization to obtain your consent to its disclosure to, and use by, Spacing .

How We Safeguard Your Personal Information

Spacing endeavors to ensure the accuracy, currency and integrity of the Personal Information in its custody or control.

Spacing maintains appropriate security measures with respect to our transmission or storage of your Personal Information. Any third party service provider who holds or accesses this data is contractually obliged to use such data solely for the purposes of providing services to Spacing and to have appropriate safeguards for the protection of that Personal Information. Where we provide your Personal Information to partners, we require them to maintain appropriate security measures as part of our data sharing agreement with them.

If any of your Personal Information changes, you may contact us though our web site to correct it. We will revise such information and, if necessary, use our best efforts to inform our partner organizations in order to permit those organizations to correct their records.

How Long We Keep Your Information

Spacing retains your Personal Information until the completion of the mandate of Spacing or until you withdraw your consent of our continued use of your information. Our retention of information may extend beyond the end of your relationship with us but only for so long as it is necessary for us, as required by law, to have sufficient information to respond to any issues that may arise at a later date.

Upon a decision to remove your Personal Information from our records, Spacing will destroy, delete or erase such information or convert it into an anonymous form.

How to Contact Us About Privacy

In the event you wish to access to your Personal Information, to correct any Personal Information we hold, to withdraw your consent to our use of your Personal Information or to discuss our practices or policies with respect to Personal Information, please contact us by sending an email to privacy@Spacing .