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Toronto 1966

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TD Centre 1966

Cyberia, “The Urban Planning Portal”, has a forum section where somebody posted some hot pictures from the top of the TD Centre in 1966, when it was being built. They’re huge pictures, and will sprawl right off your computer, but it’s so much fun to look at Toronto back then. City Hall was even more striking and space age surrounded by old straight Toronto the Good – and some kind of radio tower where the Sheraton is now. It’s like a snapshot of Toronto coming of age and beginning to loosen up: these ultra-modern creations, urban renewal (for better or worse) – and in some of the pictures you can look all the way up to Yorkville in the distance (behind the Colonade on Bloor), and almost smell the terrible hippy stink that must wafted up from those streets.

Check out the rest of the photos here.