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This just in: Gridlock is Bad

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John Tory just announced the Ontario Conservative initiative to solve our Gridlock problem. They’ve set up this website, as a place where you can tell them what you think about Gridlock, and also share your ideas with the Tory trafficologists.

We don’t want to be cynical and pre-judge something from the party most festooned with SUVs, so we’ll assume this is Tory doing what the opposition party should do. So, we should all go to site and contribute and counteract the people who will say more lanes on the DVP are the solution. Tell them you want more subways. The thought of an Eglinton Subway makes us hot and bothered (oh ya, the Mike Harris Tories axed it). Subways to Mississauga, more regular Go service, and more light rail put us over the top. If it gets you going too, tell ’em.