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Spacing goes national!


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spacing in halifax

This image was captured by a Spacing reader in Halifax outside the city’s seminal newsstand Atlantic News. Why is a store in Halifax carrying our mag? Well, Spacing now has national distribution. Sixty-eight stores across the country now carry the magazine, including twenty-four outlets here in Toronto. We just received the list of stores from our distro people, Magazines Canada, so we hope to have each and every location up on the site very soon. If you live in Canada and want Spacing at a store near you, all you have to do is ask your local magazine stand to order it from our distributor. If Chapter’s is the only outlet for mags in your town you won’t be able to get the magazine (we are boycotting the chain for their horrible magazine purchasing policy). Feel free to purchase a subscription or a single issue through our website using PayPal. Or buy a copy at one of these stores. Okay, the sales pitch ends here.