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No way, Segway!

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The City of Toronto did the smart thing yesterday by rejecting the idea of a pilot project that would allow Segways on to our sidewalks. Robyn Reisler, president of Segway Ontario, said in an interview he was shocked that the City is unwilling to allow even a trial period. Shocked? The Segway is a great toy, but does not belong on our sidewalks (Spacing wrote about it in our Spring/Summer 2005 issue). If we cannot legally ride our bikes on sidewalks, a motorized vehicle does not belong there either. We allow motorized scooters for folks who have lost the ability to walk because they have no other choice (though, there are a few brave souls who take their scooters into a bike lane). Rollerbladers and skateboarders can also be fined for travelling on sidewalks. Maybe the arrogance of Reisler shows us how silly it was to even consider such a pilot project. Read about it in the Star today.