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More St. Clair ROW stuff

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The Globe and Mail wrote about the City of Toronto’s plan to challenge the three-panel judges decision to stop construction of the St. Clair right-of-way. The City seems to be using similar tactic to the Save Our St. Clair group — find some kind of technicality and hope it works out. Petty games of semantics being played out in court is fine for the lawyers, but local residents and businesses need a transit system that works. Check out the Star’s report, too.

The wonderful people at Eye Weekly wrote a great editorial about the St. Clair ROW row. Read it here.

Also, James Bow of Transit Toronto seems to think along similar lines as Spacing:

I’m sure supporters of the right-of-way are delighted at this sudden and strong sign of life in this project, but I don’t appreciate the soap-opera nature of this revelation and the taint it adds to everything. Earlier, I criticized the Save our St. Clair group for toppling a democratically-based decision on the basis of a legal technicality. It would be hypocritical of me to take delight in a legal technicality that just happened to go my way. There are plenty of good reasons to support the right-of-way project. I honestly believe it is good for the community, and vital for the future health of the City of Toronto. Rather than wrangle through dirty fights in the courts, it would be nice if all parties sat down at last and came to a compromise that addressed opponents’ concerns and finally got this right-of-way built.

Don’t forget to check out the Boycott St. Clair website for another viewpoint on this developing story.