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Subway station revitalization unveiled

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Today, the Toronto Community Foundation unveiled its proposal to redesign three subway stations along the University Avenue subway line. Their main goal, according to the press release, is to boost cultural tourism and public transit in Toronto. The designs are already causing a variety of opinions and reactions that are worth checking out. Here’s an article from the Star, too.

Personally, I am not too enamoured with the designs. We’d have to walk around each station first to really get a proper feel, but I think we may get bored with the designs quickly. Although, Museum is the least offensive of the the three. I think the Art on Track project is a great idea, but it should be an open competition where a number of local artists get a chance to re-invent the stations, not just the people at Diamond-Shmitt. There is a caveat to all of this — I harbour dreams of one day designing a Toronto subway platform and/or station. As well, I’m someone who is in love with Dupont station.

Incidentally, the current Osgoode station, which is one of the three to be redesigned, is our most popular button chosen in our personalized package.