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TTC anagram map not going away

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I Heart the TTCSean Lerner, the quick mind behind the TTC Rider Efficiency Guide, is a little worked up over the TTC’s “cease and desist” letter squashing John Martz’s witty anagram remix of Toronto’s subway stations (Martz has posted a new, less sue-able version). Lerner has re-posted the original map on his own site He has also written an open letter to TTC Chair Howard Moscoe asking that the TTC reconsider it’s cease and desist stance, stating that the TTC is targeting the very people that are promoting the transit system. And Lerner has personal experience with TTC authorities: when he went to launch his rider guide, he publicly planned some inpromtpu theatre on a subway, but the TTC warned him security would remove him from the system.



  1. If the TTC had any business sense (and i don’t think they do – just a bunch of engineers), they’d be working with John Martz to buy this brilliant piece of parody and sell it in the (non-existent) TTC merchandise store along with other transit inspired art and paraphernalia. London’s doing it and so is New York.

  2. There used to be a TTC store at Davisville Station. It is long gone. The people at the TTC really do need to lighten up a bit.

  3. Even Los Angeles, which has a ridiculously stunted transit system (but is trying to latently play catch-up), is selling MTA related merch including mugs and t-shirts (though only on the internet).