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Part of billboard falls on man in Dundas Square

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A piece of a billboard hit a man today, seriously injuring him as he walked through the Dundas Square area today. Here’s what CP24 is reporting:

One minute, he was walking near the Eaton Centre. The next, he was in an ambulance racing to hospital for emergency treatment.

A man was seriously hurt around 2:30pm Wednesday afternoon, after parts of a billboard crashed down and hit him near Yonge and Dundas Square.

Police report at least two others were slightly injured in the mishap, but only the male in his 20s was taken to hospital.

His condition isn’t believed to be life threatening, but witnesses say he was bleeding profusely at the scene from what one officer calls “a nasty gash to his head”.

Officials believe the gusty winds buffeting the city may have contributed to the marker coming down. It was at least 18 storeys high.

“Apparently the high winds were responsible for pulling the sign apart at the Dundas entrance to the Eaton Centre,” confirms Staff Sgt. Edward Tymburski. “And it apparently flew off the sign board and fell on to the street striking people.”

The pieces were part of a billboard made of metal that came off the building above the H&M store.