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St. George Street signage we can get behind

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These photos are from a mobile LED display on St. George Street taken tonight on the U of T campus. Rumour is it’s the handiwork of a group called Cars Off Campus. Check out a quick video clip of it on the Newmindspace website [9.1 MB].

UPDATE: seems this post garnered a lot of attention. Over at 153 comments were posted about this intervention: some people called it genius, others claimed it was endangering people’s lives by altering a road sign (someone even called them terrorists!). Well worth the read.
photos by Kevin Bracken



  1. awesome sign…just rather sad that in that clip only two cars go by (one is a cab)…why St. George and Harbord at night? Not only is it dead, it’s potentially preaching to the choir. Yonge St maybe? Yonge and the 401 maybe? That sounds better.

  2. I walked past it yesterday at 6:30 p.m. and besides the great messages it was
    letting everyone know about a lecture that night on Sustainability.