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T.O.’s Expo bid, the Metropass, the suburbs

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A few links to articles in the Toronto Star today:

With the city set to decide late next month whether to back a bid for the Expo 2015 world’s fair, Toronto could soon be searching, yet again, for an international extravaganza to kick-start its port lands development.

Christopher Hume in the Star today: Say what you like about suburbia, sneer at it all you want, but the truth is it’s here to stay.Maybe that’s not the way it should be, but that’s the way it is, especially here in North America, where gas is still (relatively) cheap and land in plentiful supply.

The Toronto Transit Commission considered eliminating the word “Metro” from its monthly pass, until learning that more people associate “Metropass” with the transit system than they do “The Red Rocket.”



  1. On the Expo 2015 website in discussing the portlands site (, they mention the “downtown relief subway” line, which would start at “Pape St. & Bloor.”

    Do these people have a different map of Toronto than I have? On my map, it’s called Pape Ave. And Bloor, that’s on the other side of the Don Valley. It’s Danforth Ave there.

  2. That is such a very silly survey the TTC conducted. Who’s going to think of the TTC when they say the even more generic “Pass”? It isn’t much of a brand.

  3. I’d imagine they were thinking of dropping the “Metro” and just calling it the “Toronto Pass” or something. Quite similar to how the Metro Zoo is now the Toronto Zoo, etc.

  4. They probably thought “Metro” meant old Metro Toronto, which doesn’t exist anymore. The rest of us just think Metro as in subway as in paris/montreal.