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Missing rings from post

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The blog is reporting that the metals rings from Toronto bike racks are missing along a stretch of Dundas St. West (just east of Keele) in the Junction. Have they been stolen or is there an official reason for this? This is probably not a good time to have missing ring and posts with all this nice weather. A bunch of people should put a call or email into the local councillor Sylvia Watson (though she may be tied up trying to fix the mess she made down by the waterfront). If anyone knows the answer to this please post it in the comments section.



  1. Space aliens took them, needed to make repairs on mother ship, rings fit perfect, they are on their way.

  2. Id like to think that some clever thief took em on purpose and is waiting in the bushes for some dumbass to ‘lock’ his/her bike up.


  3. It’s crackheads selling the rings for scrap metal. Next, they’ll start stealing light poles just like in Baltimore.

  4. Last summer a friend of mine locked his bike to a street sign in front of the Revenue Canada building on King St., when he returned not only was his bicycle gone, but so was the sign! Whuh? Apparently there was a film shoot on the street and the film crew had removed the sign (along with the bicycle) because it was ruining their shot. Thankfully, they left the bike with the concierge at Rev Can and that fine gentleman returned it to my friend, along with an explanation. If it had been after-hours or the weekend my friend would have been shopping for a new bike. No word on whether or not the sign was replaced, but the film crew was long gone by then, my guess is that it wasn’t.