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Name That Subway

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The TTC has finally had enough of boring, old internal “engineer speak” it uses to refer to the various of models of subway trains it has used through the years. With the TTC opting for a radical new design for its next-generation trains, it wants a radical new name for the fleet. So it’s having a Name the Subway Train contest.

This is good news — it may be the first non-lame marketing idea the TTC has had in some time.

Commissioners will discuss details of the contest as well as the future of the subway at their monthly meeting today. It’s expected the contest will be part of a new train unveiling June 5 at Davisville Station. Read the full article in the Star.



  1. Personally, I think SubRunner would be a nifty name.

    But then again, some people disagree:
    “Does it really matter what they’re called? Most of us will still refer to them as subway cars, whatever their actual name. Catchy names will not improve service or ridership.”
    Toby Cox, Toronto

  2. Hmmm…how about MOTO? As in Mo’ T.O.

    (“Catch the Rocket and see mo’ T.O.”)

  3. I think the TTC should call them the silver bullet, first the red rocket then the silver bullet it makes sense. Then they could paint the buses blue and call them the blue bombers.