Some of the news that is fit to print…

In today’s Globe Toronto section, there are two articles of note, indirectly or directly related to things that sometimes are noted on this wire. First, there is a story on Wireless Toronto‘s new site in Dufferine Grove park. You can now sit under the trees and be connected. Some of us always thought nature went best with highly connected technology — like those futuristic forest cities on Star Trek. The article also outlines the difference between Wireless Toronto’s approach, and Toronto Hydro’s new WiFi initiative. Dog-bites-laptop could be a problem though.

The other article is a cover story called The Walkies by John Bentley Mays — he went on a walk this week with the Toronto Psychogeography Society. If you pick up the real paper, there are some lovely pictures of the walk through lower Riverdale and Leslieville by photographer Donald Weber that don’t make it onto the Globe’s website.

There is also a series of pictures of dude’s with their Hummers. They talk about why they love their Hummer. One says it’s his “Mo Jo.” Another said he drove it up the steps of some office building at Bay and Wellington cuz he was late for a meeting. What’s interesting is many of them talk about the respect they get in it. It’s like joining a frat — pledge Delta-Mandy-Pandy, kiss a goat or something during hazing, pay some money, then you’ve got an instant friend network. Hummers are the quick way to gaining respect. Funny how they seem like such easy targets for jokes, though, despite all the Schwartzenarmour. So easy we won’t make any Mo Jo jokes here, and instead see this as a cautionary tale.