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This Weekend, The Bottom of Yonge, for your pleasure

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Tonight there is reason to go to the foot of Yonge Street. More specifically, a parking lot on the south side of Queens Quay. There, between 6-9pm you’ll find the “Cooler By the Lake Tent” which will house the Humanitas Launch Party & 7th Annual Doors Open Toronto kick-off. Humanitas is a month-long “festival of Toronto” and details can be found on their website. Tonight’s party is free though, and includes these entertainments: Autorickshaw, Nathaniel Dett Chorale, The Pocket Dwellers, MC Abdominal, Zaki Ibrahim and more.

[murmur] will be there with “T.Ode” — the airstream trailer we’re travelling around in for a month, recording stories from Torontonians. Come by and visit, and pretend you are at the KOA again. We’ll be posting upcoming locations here too, in the days ahead, or click on that T.Ode link and sign up for a time-slot. You can also bring in your grandmothers, relatives and friends, and interview them yourselves, and take home a CD of it.

Another Highlight: On Sunday, Spacing’s Matt Blackett will be hosting this panel:

Blogging Toronto in Cooler by the Lake tent
Sunday, 4-5pm
Marc Weisblott –
Sarah Hood – Unknown Toronto
Tanja-Tiziana Burdi – Doublecrossed photoblog
Tim Shore – Blog TO

More late night fun tonight:

The Humanitas party tonight wraps at 9pm or so, but that’s OK because Tyler Clark Burke, who turned our Toronto the Good party at Fort York last week into real fortified dance party, is bringing her Santa Cruz night to Captain John’s Seafood Ship right next door. Tyler says part of the reason she wanted to have it there is so people could see it (unless you’re into deep fryers you’ve probably not been aboard). She said “I want people to see this ship. I love it–particularly the wallpaper in the bathrooms and the weird ghost-y radio system wired through the place.” There are lots of places to explore on board, and I think (and to justify the posting here) a fine appropriation of a fishy Toronto Heart Disease Landmark for cruisy type fun:

You are invited to the dream boat. This is a very special Santa Cruz. This is a night for your lovers, your singles, your sirens, your exes, your bosses, your friends.

Drinks on deck, dancing in the ballroom (Marvin Gaye, Canned Heat, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, CCR, The Supremes, Jamie Liddell), bourbon and country in the Captain’s private rotunda. Breakers and smooth moves, slow jams and fox trots, put it on and take it off. Nametags and dance cards in effect.

DJs, dancers, hosts, video artists, photographers and performers to be announced. Dress fine, spared the brine. Unswank, walk the plank.