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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered



  1. Gerrard & Sherbourne Sts. looking east.

  2. This has an Eglinton looking east at Avenue road feel to it for me.

  3. Wow. I’m had some trouble with this one, but I am going to go with Gerrard looking east at Sherbourne.

    The clues that point me to this:
    – We are entirely within the old City, in an older part, given the few houses shown.
    -We are on a fairly major street (4 lanes) but without transit service (no bus stop painted on the poles). The cross street has a bus (has painted signs), but no trolley bus wires or streetcar tracks. Gerrard and Sherbourne c. 1965-1970 would fit this.
    – The street we’re on is not a retail street.
    – Looking towards a retail street on the horizon. If I’m right, it’s Parliament.
    – No highrises visible.
    – Texaco station (I love the old Texaco art moderne look) would fit the corner.

  4. Dundas & Parliament, pre-Regent Park blockbusting

  5. Gerrard looking east from Sherbourne. Allen Gardens is to our left.

  6. Stumped: but it feels like St. Jamestown/Sherbourne eg. Sherbourne/Isabella unless it’s somehow out near the Junction area but I don’t know.

  7. Maybe is Avenue Rd & Davenport looking south?

  8. Wow, I’ll really have to take a guess on this one…

    I’ll guess Harbord, looking west, say, at Montrose.

    1) In the old City of Toronto, based on streetsigns.
    2) Looking west due to placement of hydro poles, and lack of obvious incline/decline.
    3) On an street that used to have streetcars, based on “look” of pavement.
    4) On a street that has a T-intersection, or jog at end (in the distance in photo)

    Let’s see how wrong I am!

  9. umm Avenue Rd & Davenport looking sounth?

  10. This is a view of Gerrard St. looking east of Sherbourne St. The giveaway was the remnants of the British-Israel World Federation’s signboard on the front of the house just 2 or 3 doors north of Gerrard on the east side of Sherbourne.

  11. I’m thinkin’…looking east on Gerrard at Sherbourne.

  12. I get a Church or Jarvis vibe off this, but something about that doesn’t sit quite right with me, maybe it’s further east? That’s the best I can do…

  13. Spadina and Dupont, looking east? It looks so familiar!

  14. Is this something that I’d have to live east of Yonge to understand?