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  1. re: Guide to walking

    Does anyone get the feeling that the author would prefer if there weren’t any pedestrians at all? What a stupid thing to complain about.

  2. I generally try to keep a brisk pace whenever I cross a road, and I’m certainly not a driver. It’s just common courtesy. I like to wait for streetcars or buses to pass before I press for a crosswalk, as well.

    If I can’t move quickly, though, for whatever reason, I don’t appreciate drivers honking at me. Most don’t, but a few think they own the road.

    My mindset, though, is that a driver can afford to wait an extra ten or fifteen seconds; they’re the ones who can move at 30-50km/hr. I can’t, and I deal with that. I always found it incredible that the angriest and most impatient seem to be those who can move the fastest. Speed doesn’t really beget patience, does it?

  3. Oh that is so funny. Poor widdle driver has to wait an extra few seconds because the mommy lugging a baby doesn’t scurry out of his way.

    Is there really a right way to walk on the sidewalk? Why oh why aren’t there lanes painted so this poor dude won’t have to actually talk to other pedestrians. Horrors, he might have to say “excuse me please” or even worse, tap someone on the shoulder!

    How DARE people walking not recognize his entitlement to unhindered transportation.

  4. Is it just me or has Royson been writing the same column for two years?

  5. Actually, Nestor, I believe that Royson uses a “Mad Libs” template of some sort:

    “Miller needs to {verb}, and to stop blaming {noun} for the city’s {adjective} problems.”

  6. While I can’t say I’ve never been mildly annoyed at people who walk slowly/in the middle of the sidewalk/on the “wrong” side…it behooves me to think that when this guy does the sidewalk dance he gets held up for minuteS….”Even in a polite encounter, it’s very annoying when you’re trapped in one of those you move to the left, he moves to the right but you move to right and then he moves to the ? and so on. Both of you are immobilized for minutes as you sort it out.”

    Also, the not-so-subtle jab at the youth of this generation…”They believe in anarchy as long as they get their way.” I hope he has his name on the anarchy nursing home waiting list now. It might take him a while to get in when the time comes with an attitude like that.