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Facebook Friday Finale: Toronto Lovin’

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Facebook has become an important tool for Torontonians who want to inform their fellow citizens about local issues, initiatives, and events, who enjoy discussing political viewpoints and critiquing urban infrastructure, and who are interested in brainstorming how to make Toronto a better place. Above all, however, Facebook is allowing local citizens to celebrate the simple fact that this is our city, that we are committed to its development, and that we’re here to stay. Members of Actually, I Like Toronto recognize that while Toronto does have its downfalls, there’s a reason we’ve all chosen to make this our home: it has the largest urban park in North America (Rouge Park) and the third largest theatre community, there aren’t many other cities that have a placid island haven only ten minutes away by ferry, it is a unique multicultural microcosms — reflecting a range of races, religions, and lifestyles — Toronto is the economic engine of Canada, and we have great food festivals, including Winterlicious and Taste of the Danforth.

All things Toronto and Born in Toronto? Join This Group! also recognize how amazing this city really is. Members have posted comments about biking through High Park and the east beaches, patio life in the summer, their unforgettable experiences at Caribana, Wakefest, and the Bloor West Village street festivals, Ontario Place, the zoo, and just their general love for Kensington Market and Chinatown…and lets not forget about “early morning street meat at Spadina and Queen.”

Finally, You know you’re from Toronto when… offers a hilarious and oh-so-true list of experiences, places, and people that bind us together as Torontonians: “YTV was your favorite TV station growing up, you’ve been on Speaker’s Corner, you’ve been hit on by Zanta, Oliver Jeweller PAYS COLD HARD CASH for your gold and diamonds, and you’ve been harassed by the dude in front of the Active Surplus store to come in, but never have and don’t plan on it,” to mention a few.

And so, while we may not all have the same opinions, live in the same neighbourhoods, or support the same causes, we’re still all from the same city and damn proud of it!

photo by Sean Robertson

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This concludes Spacing’s Facebook Friday series. We’ll return with another alliteration-named feature in the near future.



  1. I believe that would be “alliteratively-named feature” but it’s a Friday and who cares.