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SECOND BALLOT: Help name Toronto’s new bike magazine


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On January 31st, we posted a poll to help name Toronto’s new bicycle magazine. Published by the Toronto Cyclists Union, the magazine is set to launch this spring during Bike Month.

Over 1,200 people voted and over 100 passionate comments were posted. Opinions were mixed and none of the names surpassed 22% of popular support. So, let’s move on to round two. Velove, Velocipede, Cog & Spinster have been eliminated from the race. Due to popular demand, we’ve added a new suggestion: Ring & Post.

VeloCITY was also dropped due to close similarity to Chris Hardwicke’s Velo-City project.

A few notes from the bike union team:

• Keep in mind that this is not a newsletter but a full size, full colour, pretty magazine. The name should be as pretty as the mag.

• We feel the name does not have to include an obvious city reference, bicycle reference or union reference. Many mags like Walrus, Fuse or THIS have ambiguous titles. The cover, content and reputation can reveal the subject matter.

• A ‘Ring & Post’ is the name of Toronto’s unique bike racks.

• A ‘dandy horse‘ is an old fashioned bicycle.

• This poll is non-binding, but will help us make our tough decision! Thanks for your input.