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Saturday’s headlines

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A lesser dream, but a possible one [ Toronto Star ]
Feckless ambition: When half a dream will do [ Toronto Star ]
It’s now or never, Miller says [ Toronto Star ]
Front St. extension no longer a priority [ Toronto Star ]
City targets ‘the mistake by the lake’ [ National Post ]
Start up the bulldozers, Miller, and tear it down [ Toronto Sun ]
Off the waterfront [ Toronto Sun ]
Miller wants to tear down part of Gardiner [ ]
Residents split on Gardiner’s removal [ Toronto Star ]
Vision overly upbeat: CAA [ Toronto Star ]
Plan will increase congestion: critics [ National Post ]
Gardiner proposal would add 2 minutes to trips [ Globe and Mail ]
Long and winding road [ Toronto Star ]

Gardiner closed as police herd cycling protesters [ Globe and Mail ]
Gardiner plugged by 200 rogue cyclists [ Toronto Sun ]

Bravo! I can’t get street food till 2014, but I’m finally getting a water meter [ Globe and Mail ]
Who will take on David Miller? Not Smitherman [ National Post ]
Miller’s power bid on agenda [ Toronto Sun ]

New trash receptacles return to subways [ Toronto Star ]
Stress rate soars for TTC drivers [ Toronto Star ]

Versatile Yonge at its best [ Toronto Star ]
Toronto’s Condo Kings: Is their boom sustainable? [ National Post ]
A planning headache, 50 years in the making [ Toronto Star ]
Reclaiming Regent Park with monster art [ Globe and Mail ]


  1. The Star article about the cyclists on the Gardiner was a little ridiculous. Referring to Traffic Services Sgt. Jeff Redden, the article says “Redden said there was no indication cyclists from the Toronto Criterium bike race happening nearby, were involved.”

    Did anyone honestly think the riders were going to leave the race course and hop on a highway? I know there’s a lot of bike-related stuff happening right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re all connected. The article strikes me as a tad paranoid.