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  1. The Sun article on the Critical Mass Ride on the Gardiner was far better than Saturday’s inaccuracies.
    There’s also that was missed in this roundup.
    Sometimes I don’t go on the CM rides from too many dorks on two wheels – and the term passhole was inspired by one of them.
    There’s a further term of “massholes” – some do exist within the ride, and it’s possible many bystanders, transit users and drivers think that’s all of us.
    For me, it’s about the climate carisis, and how we need to cut emissions in the transport sector especially. The Gardiner being open to bicycles was a first, and maybe this can open the Gardiner to all the unmotored public in future summers on some Sunday mornings.
    It’s a great view and the pavement is silky smooth…
    And if we’d started investing the $255M from our 3 governments into GO transit five years ago, instead of trying to get the car-based Front St. Extension, this could readily have given us enough trains for absorbing the Gardiner traffic.

  2. And doesn’t Parkdale deserve a nice safe bike lane to let folks bike into the core? The Bike Plan is a total failure in this large swath of thousands of cyclists, but civic political priorities of Mr. Giambrone and Mr. Pantalone have been to “complete the grid” for the cars and ignore needed east-west cycling infrastructure, and we’ve had one fatality.

  3. Jeez, last time I checked they were supposed to build a path along the Weston Sub CN Rail corridor, what happened to that? Something more than just bringing down the gardiner between the DVP and Jarvis will have to be done. This is different than when the far east end of the Gardiner was brought down because this slated stretch brings in people from York to Durham region. If up to a ten lane mega ground level road is put in its place, then I wish all the best of luck for kids from the St. Lawrence neighborhood trying to make it down to the Martin Goodman trail. As far as improving GO Transit goes, a third track is being laid between Scarborough station and just east of Union station. From the looks of it it looks like the CN rail rights of way could take two more tracks for a potential total of five tracks in the east end. However, lots of trees and shrubbery would have to be cleared along with new bridges, switches and signal towers built. And of course the existing track ties look pretty worn out as is.