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Wednesday’s headlines

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New LRT lines will head east [ Toronto Star ]
TTC driver charged with drunk driving [ Globe and Mail ]
TTC bus driver charged with impaired driving [ National Post ]
Riders flee; TTC driver busted [ Toronto Sun ]
More use 2 wheels to scoot past fuel costs [ Toronto Sun ]

Councillors back down on anti-gun proposal [ Toronto Star ]
Mayor triggers gun club anger [ Globe and Mail ]
Critics of mayor feeling outgunned [ National Post ]
Miller makes concession for shooting ranges [ National Post ]
Gun clubs get reprieve — of sorts [ Toronto Sun ]
Public denied say in Strong Mayor [ Toronto Sun ]

Museum to tell stories of Toronto [ Toronto Star ]
Museum scheme [ Globe and Mail ]
Toronto Museum proposal wins raves [ National Post ]

Every breath you take [ Toronto Star ]
Utility’s value sparks arguments [ Toronto Star ]

The walk down Yonge Street: First steps [ National Post ]
Space goes to waste [ Toronto Sun ]