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Thursday’s headlines

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Drug tests for TTC staff? [ Toronto Star ]
TTC worker’s death on job spurs calls for drug tests [ Globe and Mail ]
Access going down [ NOW magazine ]
Annette bike lanes spark bickering [ Toronto Star ]
Critical mess [ Eye Weekly ]
Paradise riders [ NOW magazine ]
How did it advance the cause? It didn’t. [ NOW magazine ]

Miller to head global climate group [ Toronto Sun ]
Miller to head international group of green mayors [ National Post ]
Miller will chair global group of 40 eco-cities [ Toronto Star ]
Give the mayor more power [ National Post ]
Concession for shooting ranges [ National Post ]
City’s off target on gun clubs [ Toronto Sun ]
Miller accepts gun club compromise [ ]
City stiffed on housing: Miller [ Toronto Sun ]
City pulls plug on old water meters [ Toronto Sun ]

Rethinking flawed ideas of the past [ Toronto Star ]
Makeover for troubled area [ Toronto Sun ]

Popped for rock [ NOW magazine ]
Spiral Beach busted [ Eye Weekly ]
`Dog Hill’ battle more bark than bite [ Toronto Star ]
Billboard puts readers on the spot [ Toronto Star ]

The walk down Yonge Street: The street’s last farmers [ National Post ]
Low-rise lofts triumph at annual Pug Awards [ National Post ]
The young folks’ home [ Eye Weekly ]
Has anybody seen the bridge? [ NOW magazine ]


  1. Re:Drug Test for TTC staff?

    I cannot confirm this, but weed can stay in the system for up to 3 weeks? So, maybe he smoked up AFTER his previous shift?

    That being said, Drug tests are not the way to go.

  2. We have missed out on the continuing odd Globe Business stories about public transit vs. cars.

    Speaking of odd, what exactly was the point in Barbers museum story yesterday? I was honestly not sure.

  3. “The young folks’ home: Sure, the province funds youth programs — but what about the centres best equipped to execute them?”

    This headline scared the crap out of me – I wondered if the writer was asking for money for better gallows & gas chambers…

  4. re: pug awards, i find it very hard to take seriously a contest rooted in design with such a horribly designed website for the second year in a row. try figuring out the rankings when you want to actually see the buildings. impossibly frustrating? indeed.