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Lightning storm on the western front

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Last night was a humid night, and the sky was literally electric. For nearly two hours, hardly any rain fell but lightning struck often. I was able to set up my tridpod on the balcony of my 24th-floor apartment and take a few hundred photos — I got lucky seven times (click on photos to see a larger version).



  1. Very nice. I have yet to have the guts to risk my camera (and me) out in a thunderstorm to take pics like this. You’re lucky you have a good view from your place. I’d have to actually go out and about, probably to a big empty field, which would make things slightly more risky. heh.

  2. Very cool! If you ever want the view facing east…just let me know.

  3. Wow, those are amazing! The whole sky is veined with lightning in some of them! And I love the purple of the sky. Nice work, Matt!

  4. Fantastic!! Way more sharp and forked than last week – the different types of lightning amaze me…

  5. Matt, those are some great photos. I wanted to try to take some last night too, but basement apartments don’t usually have the best view, and damn my tree-lined street! wah wah.

  6. great pics, somewhat apocalyptic maybe, but also a testament to the merits of big tall ugly buildings in “wrong” areas.

  7. Hamish: my building certainly is tall, but not entirely ugly, but its certainly in the right place. There is no other building that tall in Parkdale that is so well hidden. Whenever I tell someone where I live they have no idea where my building is — simply becuz it is well placed and appropriate (which is why I chose it too).