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Saturday’s headlines

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Miller calls on TTC to get tough on drinking [ Toronto Star ]
Long live the big blue Viva buses [ National Post ]
‘Roadeo’ star’s ready to ride [ Toronto Star ]

Saving Toronto with tap water and fully inflated tires [ Globe and Mail ]
City Hall plows through $420Gs [ Toronto Sun ]
Tab for cab goes up as much as 17% [ National Post ]
Taxi fare hike shifts into high gear [ Toronto Sun ]
Taxi fares on the rise in Toronto [ ]
Higher taxi fares get initial approval [ Toronto Star ]

Arts fest comes out swinging [ Toronto Star ]
Luminato’s splashy finale [ Globe and Mail ]
Luminato unleashes array of arts events on Toronto [ ]

Potential not realized in Liberty Village [ Toronto Star ]
When Queen reigned supreme [ National Post ]
The evolution of Bloor: From Mink Mile to discount aisle [ Globe and Mail ]

Hunt for dirty washrooms fails to find foul facilities [ Toronto Star ]
Barefoot, but no contessa [ National Post ]
Crime on the run [ Toronto Sun ]


  1. Liberty Village>

    Poor Christopher Hume he has been relegated to report on the worst of the worst in this city.Unfortunately he is just reporting on how “headstrong” the city government has become regarding developement.Ugly is the word and tall as possible to block all views of the waterfront. Forget about setting up infrastructure or even proper transit to serve the new developments.Unfortunately Liberty Village is a case in point.No transit,no direction in design or even vision of what can be accomplished.If the front street extenstion is truly dead, then Liberty Village will be spared the “knife in the back” end to what could have been a great place to live.

    But in the coming years a new council will have to deal with the issue of how to bring back “people city”.And attempt to drag the fees from developers that have paid very little towards infrastructure costs.

    I met Christopher Hume at the “unveiling” of the $500,000 trintiy gate renovation.I dared him to print the story and he actually did.Nobody really knew how much was spent on the refinishing of those gates.Even fewer understand why the developers aren’t paying more in infrastructure fees.

  2. That article about the Viva buses was actually the first time I’ve read a National Post article and gone, “damn right!”.

    Every transit service has its pros and cons, and ups and downs… But the Viva just seems to make up for any downs it may ever have by simply being so damn cool to ride.

  3. maybe taxis can now use priuses and other hybrid cars..(I forget why they are not allowed leg room or something silly).

  4. The Viva buses are quite something. ESpecially compared to the new generation of TTC buses which frankly turn people off taking the bus as they are noisy, cramped, have lots of space on the ceiling where it is not needed, and have the lowest center of gravity I have ever experienced on a bus ( almost every single time I take the Lansdowne bus somebody falls down in a torque spiral).