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Montréal Monday: Bad bike racks, Antlerheads erased, and Yesterday’s big storm

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Each Monday, Spacing will bring you some of the popular posts from our sister blog, Spacing Montréal. We’ll keep an eye open for topics and discussions that are pertinent to current public space issues in Toronto.

• In anticipation of the arrival of thousands of new bike parking spots across Montréal this summer, Christopher DeWolf looks at the ineffective bike racks currently on the streets, in the hopes that the city will install more attractive and efficient bike racks like those found in Toronto and Vancouver.

• As a follow-up to last week’s Montréal Monday post about the vandalized Vespa ads, this week Cédric Sam reports that the vandalized ads have been erased.

• In Canadian cities, delays and disruptions are common due to winter storms, but in his post, Yesterday’s big storm, Christopher de Wolf looks at the affects of severe summer weather. Christopher’s links to the Gazette and La Presse photo galleries of a Montréal storm’s aftermath are definitely worth a look too.

Photo by Christopher DeWolf