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  1. I fail to understand how a conservative media source like the Toronto Sun could suddenly act like it cares about social issues. Social program funding was cut back including welfare rates that were reduced by 21.6% almost thirteen years ago and left further battered through inflation. How are single mothers supposed to raise their children properly when they`re cornered like this?

  2. They’re not concerned with the causes of social issues or the lack of progress in addressing them, they’re concerned with the lack of swift and decisive punishment. Almost every single quote in the two TCHC/crime articles are from police or private security, with few other perspectives.

  3. Yes but simply using a reactionary approach will not solve the problem on its own. Preventative measures need to be taken too be they infrastructure or social investments. We need to focus on addressing the needs of those less fortunate. Otherwise the problem will only worsen.

  4. the question is: if you evict troublemakers from public housing, what do you do with them? what do you expect to happen to these people who have problems with drugs and crime upon eviction? personally, i don’t want to see them swell the ranks of the homeless. but at the same time, everyone must be held accountable for their actions on a basic level. problem residents have a negative impact on the whole community. i don’t see any easy answers, and the political fault lines that run through it only complicate things.

  5. Greg Smith nailed it. The Cons do not care about helping the less fortunate. They only care that the security to contain the problems is not working.

  6. You toss the habitual-criminals for a simple reason: there are vulnerable people living there. Would you accept violent offenders in the same building as your family members? Why should the poor have to?

    This issue has nothing to do with your place on the political spectrum. Whatever you think should be done for, or to, habitual-criminals, letting them continue to prey upon the people in those buildings isn’t it.

  7. While we are busy subsidizing the criminal activities of the folks in those buildings now, how about the 10,000 folks who are on the waiting list for public housing? I would much rather see a law abiding person who is going through a rough time, in a public housing unit, then a crack dealer who should really be spending a few years as a guest of The Crown.

  8. The history of Sun journalism aside, that article about road tolls is very respectibly written, and it get the point across nicely.

  9. Jordan- That’s just Tyler Brule’s immature opinion. He clearly has something against the city judging from his previous pieces something he struggles to make up reasons to justify. Look at that article, we’re supposedly not liveable because our suburban homes have garages in front and he’s not a fan of Cityplace.

    Give me a break.

  10. On punishment:

    We need stricter sentences and increased security. They’re not going to solve the problem by a long shot. For that we’re going to need to spend more on the necessary social programs and to demolish the postwar slums. However, they will help.

    Gun crime and gang activity are growing problems even if the city remains safe in general. Neither liberal or conservative ideology alone is going to lead to the results needed. That is, a steady decrease in homicides, violent crime, and the drug trade.

  11. Oddly my comments seem to have disappeared despite their inoffensive nature.

  12. What are the top three social programs we should implement and/or expand to address poverty in Toronto?


    “I love Toronto,” Hannes slurred at me. “I looooooove Toronto.”

    Nobody loooooooves Toronto. I was raised here and I don’t looooooove it. I might like it quite a bit. But that’s my business.

    Hannes also expressed a profound admiration for Montreal, to which I offered, “Yeah, Montreal is better than Toronto.”

    “You admit it! You admit it!” Hannes cried, so loudly even the imperturable Turks were jolted. I guess these sorts of inter-city rivalries matter more in Germany.

    I mean, seriously, who in Toronto thinks Toronto is better than Montreal? David Miller, oh for God’s sake, put your hand down.

  14. Montreal has bagels. Big whoop. Circular dough does not equal civic excellence.

    Toronto rules. Montreal drools.