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  1. I would ban all handguns period but I have to admit that banning two gun clubs is a largely symbolic gesture that will not have any effect. Which reminds me of yesterdays threads about the symbolism of being “green”.

    I offer one hard ass not symbolic thing that the City could do to actually be green : ban or tax bottled water (which I see people buying by the case when I am at the store.). It would have a far greater impact than banning plastic bags which at least many people reuse.

    On the gun issue, I wish there was one simple idea but it is really about other things than guns themselves and prohibition is only part of the solution.

  2. Toronto’s Sportmen’s Show — held each year at Exhibition Place — might be an inadvertent victim of the city’s no-promotion policy for firearms.

    An amendment by Councillor Joe Pantalone to protect the show from the city’s new rules failed to get through council.

    Anything goes as long as it’s in the Ex – sportscar racing, guns – hell if we had any tarsands I bet he’d vote for a refinery as long as it was at the Ex.

  3. Let’s see how much the gun homicide rate changes one year from the start of this gun club ban. I think Miller needs to be held accountable to the public for the way he sets his priorities.

    Empty showmanship is not a solution to a social problem that goes far beyond firearms.

  4. Gun homicides vary a lot from year to year. I doubt the expected effect is large enough that you could measure success or failure in one year.