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Thursday’s headlines

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Gardiner plan cost increases to $360M [ Toronto Star ]
Council poised to OK Gardiner assessment [ Globe and Mail ]
Creating car-free cities [ National Post ]
Spadina extension hits snag [ Globe and Mail ]

A restroom development [ NOW Magazine ]
Review of garbage bin choices in Scarborough to cost city $60,000 [ Toronto Star ]

Checkout time fast approaching [ National Post ]
The lure of Leslieville [ National Post ]
Guerrillas on guard [ NOW Magazine ]
Community by the yard [ Eye Weekly ]
Toronto Neighbourhood Watch accuses its chief [ National Post ]

Condo starts ‘the real story’ of city’s housing market [ National Post ]
Poor people, poor housing [ Toronto Sun ]

Nuite Blanche reveals new lineup, funding [ Globe and Mail ]
Ono’s Imagine Peace project joins Toronto’s Nuit Blanche [ ]

Paving the untamed [ NOW magazine ]
With no swings, city park has lost its last bit of fun [ Toronto Star ]
Flooding makes for stinky mess [ Toronto Star ]
Oh, water big mess [ Toronto Sun ]


  1. “He added that he fears congestion created by taking down this part of the Gardiner might resuscitate the mothballed $256-million Front Street Extension”

    As well he should. A lot of people thought Blue22 was dead too.

  2. This is just the first of many such cost increase announcements from Miller and later his staff voice boxes.

    And when they’re done you’ll still have a great barrier to the lakefront. And terrible traffic both pedestrian and vehicle all at ground zero.

    Now that the EA is basically on its way, don’t you wish that one of these ‘leaders’ could take a moment and think of what could be done 180 degrees from their current rec.

    But that might require vision.

  3. oh man, don’t ever mention the word “vision” around city staffers! That’s what’s getting us into all these messes. Too bad the City can’t spend that $10M (or whatever it will cost) on repairs….or how about cutting the damn grass along Lake Shore where they already tore the Gardiner down…you should see how long it is! Looked great for the 2-year warranty period imposed on the contractor, but sure not now…in fact, they even mowed under a bunch of the ground cover this spring.

    Freaking weed patch.

    “oh, but we don’t have the money”…whatever.