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  1. Some of these individuals that drive to GO stations need to try the local feeder bus services.

    I have taken local busses from GO stations in Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville and Toronto, and surprisingly they are not that bad. While its not perfect (you may have to wait about 10 minutes and you’ll miss the connection once every couple months) its better than losing your car doors.

    In addition, GO should not only increase security on its lots, but start charging for parking to help pay for this increased security.

    On a similar note, anyone know what the stats are on TTC commuter parking lot thefts?

  2. The problem with the GO lots is disturbing but I’m not sure it’s correct to blame GO. Where does the responsibility of the railroad extend to? Do I want them worrying about running as many trains as possible or safeguarding someone’s street-mod Honda Civic?

    Then again, what do we expect for providing and protecting of bicycle parking? Or walking to the station? Should it not be consistent across all interconnecting modes of getting to the train? It’s a tough topic.

    In an ideal world the local jurisdictions would provide the space, lighting, policing, and other infrastructure around train stations in order to encourage their constituents to drive, bike or walk to the train, and GO would be left to worry only about the trains and stations. Since it is not an ideal world, what is reasonable to expect of GO?

  3. Hall’s councillor, deputy mayor Joe Pantalone, agrees that situations such as Hall’s should get special consideration. “Laneway housing should be taken on a case-by-case basis. You need to know the unique context, with the emphasis on `unique.'”

    The planning department “tends to take more of a biblical position,” says Pantalone. “If it’s not in the Bible, it’s not allowed. Our community is struggling with these (aging population) issues, but it hasn’t yet reached a consensus or even a majority. Who knows? Ten years from now, maybe . . .”

    Maybe somebody could clear up exactly what Joe Pantalone and the NDP is trying to say about supporting of senior property owners.I receieved a brochure from the ontario NDP that seems to contradict Joes statement.I wonder which Bible is being refered too.