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Full moon bike ride tonight

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WHAT: Toronto Cyclists Union Full Moon Ride
WHERE: meet at the southeast corner of Warden and St. Clair (Warden Subway Station)
WHEN: meet at 9:15 p.m., start ride at 9:30 p.m.

One of my favourite things to do is ride my bike late at night on empty streets or bike trails, especially when the moon is out over the lake. Tonight, the Toronto Cyclists Union is hosting a late-night ride. It’s a relaxed ride that meanders mostly along green parkland paths of local ravines, concluding near the mouth of the Don. The ride ends at the Dominion on Queen Beer Parlour for an optional drink. The ride is only about an hour long, and even though there is a full moon, lights are recommended. All ages are welcome.



  1. Dominion on Queen is completely awesome.

    That is all.

  2. Lights are recommended? Isn’t it the law when riding at night?

  3. It is very much the law, and very much common sense, but I’ve noticed that many cyclists are either insane or stupid and don’t use any lights or even a helmet at night. I’d put the estimate at slightly above halff.

    I’m a cyclist with a helmet and proper lights/reflectors for legal and safe night riding. Its infuriating to by associated with the other idiots.

  4. Let’s not get into name calling.Just because every bicyclist isn’t up to code doesn’t make them idiots.Not every driver follows the rules either.Why not educate instead of criticise.When you see another cyclist who isn’t following the rules help them,tell them why they should.Just having the bicycle union has promoted cycling and has increased interest.

    Have a great ride everybody!

  5. I’m criticizing because the Toronto Cyclist Union, who should be the group promoting legal and safe riding in the city, is saying that lights are optional on its’ ride. Its the sort of thing that will cause continued disrespect for cyclists because even our new union doesn’t seem to care too much for the law.

  6. Everyone on the ride was well lit; it’s true it’s the law, and it’s also effective self-preservation and it does make a difference though there’s enough waste light around here one can often read on-street at night – so speed enhances how much light is “required”.
    As for helmets, yes it’s stupid in some ways, but it’s quite unfair to encase your head in a hotter helmet in hot weather when the car-cooned have their climate control while wasting the public (atmos)sphere.

  7. bbpsi:

    Nowhere in the post for this ride does it say that lights are ‘optional’. Looks to me by the word ‘recommended’ that the union was suggesting that people bring their lights – a friendly reminder that lights are important even on a bright full-moonlit night. My guess is that they didn’t want to sound preachy by saying that light were mandatory – preachy often gets criticized too…

  8. “Let’s not get into name calling.Just because every bicyclist isn’t up to code doesn’t make them idiots.”

    Yes it does because many idiots resist being educated (I’ve tried). Same goes for those idiots who ride the wrong way in the bike lane. That a lot of drivers and pedestrians are idiots too doesn’t excuse it, especially when the idiots endanger me.

    “though there’s enough waste light around here one can often read on-street”

    That doesn’t matter… well lit streets are sometimes the worst. Without lights you’re nearly invisible against the glare of street lights, shop lights and oncoming headlights and even dim LED lights almost disappear in the glare. I find I need brighter lights to be seen downtown than I need to see by on dark roads.

    Basic LED lights also cost as little as two post ride beers and a tip, so there’s no excuse at all not to have one.

    “preachy often gets criticized too”

    Most organized night rides require this, probably for liability reasons as much as for common sense. The TBN night ride descriptions say “BRING LIGHTS!” in boldface.

  9. When is the next ride I missed this one.