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  1. Re: New bike lanes spark some four-wheel fury

    I have to wonder why redundant bike lanes on Eastern were given priority over areas which are truly in need of bike lanes.

  2. re: I’m still an Igor fan

    “Once, a crackhead lifted my thousand-dollar Giant out of my backyard. The next day I was walking past Igor’s. “I bet I know what you’re looking for,” he said. And he produced my baby, twinkling in the sunshine. I had to give him $75. He told me he had had to give it to the crackhead or I would never have seen my beloved Giant again.

    People, especially in light of his recent arrest for alleged bike theft, might call me naive. But I still like the guy.”

    Yup, you’re naive! He just extorted $75 out of the journalist for a bike he knew was stolen, and knew belonged to the guy.

  3. “Campaigning for election two years ago, Councillor Adam Vaughan (Trinity-Spadina) decried what he called vertical sprawl, warning, ‘we’re creating condo buildings where you can start a family but you can’t raise a family. We know that you end up with St. James Town in 20 years. It’s a recipe for disaster.'”

    I’d challenge Vaughan to actually visit St. Jamestown and tell me what exactly is so horrible about it. It still has this reputation as a nasty, dangerous place that it really doesn’t deserve anymore.

  4. Could we trade the new Eastern bike lanes for a streetcar on Eastern bypassing Queen St. there, and move the bike lanes to Bloor in Yorkville?
    As for the Igor fan, yup, naive is charitable. Maybe Igor sent someone to follow the dupe home…

  5. I agree that it is impressive to see how quickly bike lanes can be thrown in when there is a councillor that is keen on using them in the fight against an unwanted development.

    I would trade the Eastern lanes for some restriping on Danforth. Take the cross-section that currently runs from Broadview to Pape, and extend it east all the way to Vic Park.

  6. Re: Igor and the Globe Writer

    The Globe Toronto section has become irrelevant over the past year, and usually I don’t bother with it. This article confirms that — such dishonest writing/take on Toronto (with exceptions: Barber, various good freelancers).

  7. Rob Ford described as ‘sassy’? Thanks a lot, James! Now I have visions of Ford pouting on the cover of Tiger Beat! Ecch!

  8. That article on Igor really made me angry. Only someone with enough disposable income (and the seemingly requisite lack of brains), would happily fork over $75 to the thief of his bike, and still call him a “character.” Then there’s the others, who bike because we can’t even afford the TTC anymore. If my bike got stolen, I wouldn’t be able to pay to replace it. But, tee hee, aren’t those thugs just the cutest thing?