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Toronto Parks & Rec launches service survey

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As a way to become a more customer-focused service provider, and improve program delivery and facility housekeeping, the City of Toronto‘s Parks, Forestry, and Recreation division has launched a customer and permit satisfaction survey. The survey looks for feedback from summer recreation participants of camps, swim and general programs, as well as summer permit holders.

“Parks, Forestry and Recreation programs and services are key contributors to the quality of life for all Torontonians,” said Brenda Librecz, General Manager of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation. “This survey will guide us on how we conduct our business and is an example of our commitment to community engagement. The feedback we receive will ensure that we meet the diverse needs for quality programming and facility space of the city’s neighbourhoods.”

The survey was launched on July 21, and can be found on-line at the Parks, Forestry, and Recreation web-site, or in person at your local community centre until August 23. The deadline to submit feedback is September 5, 2008.

Photo by Jurek Durczak



  1. Parks & Wreck says it all.

    The most whiny collection of overpriced, under worked staff at silly hall. And mostly they cut grass, sometimes. If they see refuse on the ground they leave it.

    If they are unhappy that day… the destroy something.

    And Brenda, when she’s actually there herself, is full of empty promises whether it’s customer satisfaction, doing a better job or protecting the parks from her destructive staff.

  2. Are you sure your name isn’t Sue-Ann?

  3. Whatever happened to that “Everybody Gets to Play” (Or was it “Everybody Pays to Play” or “Everybody Gets Played”) strategy that Councillor Mihivec was singing the praises of just a few short months ago? Has that already gone down the tubes?

    Regarding Parks staff… I know a few of them, a lot of these folks are part-timers, they are very dedicated, and I don’t consider them be overpriced.

    Regarding Sue-Ann Levy, I hate her political stripes. But I hate it even more that many of the the situations and programs she writes about deserve to be criticized. Of course it’s far easier to dismiss her as a right-wing nutbar than to actually try to see if there’s any substance to some of the things she says.

  4. No, I am NOT Sue-Ann Levy but one who invested in landscaping a park only to have it destroyed annually by the incompetence of most Wreck employees.

    Further, I watched as they would trim branches with weedwhackers, etc.

    And they always had excuses. They are still blaming their ‘stress’ on amalgamation.

    And these folks get over $20/hr plus perks and benefits just to cut grass. FYI that pay is at least 30% higher than the private sector, who get no benefits and are required to work harder.

    As their leader, Brenda is merely a bureaucrat, and a part-time one at that. She is out of touch with her staff, their performance, etc.

    I know this because I tried to deal with her in good faith to restore a once beautiful space only to have her disappear forever while her staff continued their merry ways.

    She could care less despite the sound bites.