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Spacing summer-fall 2008 issue coming soon!


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While most of you have been enjoying the summer, Spacing editors have been sweating it out in our office putting the final touches on our upcoming issue. We are happy to announce that the first week of September will see our summer-fall 2008 issue hit the newsstands and/or arrive in your mailbox.

This issue sees our writers focus on the extraordinary Torontonians who are shaping the city’s public spaces: the man who is saving the Humber River turtles, an illegal billboard watchdog, an activist working to allow chickens to be grown in backyards, students and community members coming together to create a mobile kitchen, and many more unique stories and profiles. The issue is packed with wonderful photography and charming tidbits about Toronto and its urban landscape.

If you do not subscribe to Spacing, now is the best time to get with the program! Anyone who subscribes this week will receive a discount: $25 instead of our regular price of $29. That gets you 6 issues over the next 2 years. All you have to do is use your credit card with PayPal (our super-secure online merchant) and you should get a copy of Spacing within the next 3 weeks.

Details for our release party will be announced int he next few days.

cover photos by Adam Krawesky