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  1. I guess the construction worker in the background is having an existential experience.

  2. “Personnel” is written and sounds like “persoà¡nl” (stress on the last syllable) in Eastern Europe.

  3. The joys of the modern Microsoft spell checker, where if says the word is oaky, then it must be oaky to print the sign…

    “Personnel” is frequently replaced with “Personal”, just as “loose” is commonly used in place of “lose”: “Don’t loose your temper at all the misspelled words!”

  4. I can’t believe the number of spelling errors that creep into daily life. Maybe the education needs
    rethinking on the subject.

    In the ’50s, we had spelling up to the end of grade 4.

    Many of the students today can’t spell to save their life. It’s probably because of the “whole word” concept.

  5. @Torontonian: I think it’s because kids don’t read. I had spelling and vocabulary lessons until grade six, but the vast chunk of my ability to assemble words came from reading — not only seeing single words, but strung into coherent, meaningful sentences.

  6. i’d have to agree with gloria. kids are not reading as much, and if they are it rarely is intelligent or meaningful material.

  7. Part of the problem, is that they have eliminated rote, in the educational system, it used to be, that you would need to spend hours, going through words spelling them properly.

    Many people are confused between similar words as well. Spend 5 hours printing “company personnel” and “personal music player” and your unlikely to ever forget which is which.

  8. Rob L., it’s not oaky for me. In fact I find it fruity with deep tannins and a sharp berry finish.