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Saturday’s headlines

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Mayor calls for a freeze on new project levies [ Toronto Star ]
City gives developers a break [ Toronto Sun ]
Recycle or pay the price: $105 [ Toronto Star ]
Budget plan spares water-efficient households from brunt of levy increase [ Globe and Mail ]
Average water bill to rise $47 [ National Post ]
‘Rep-by-pop’ battle brewing across GTA [ Toronto Star ]

Toronto house prices plunge 15% [ National Post ]
Elm St. part of a liberating trend [ Toronto Star ]
Rosedale is not amused [ Globe and Mail ]
A master plan to rein in ‘Clubland’ [ Globe and Mail ]
Rat-free restaurant back in business [ Toronto Sun ]

Toronto’s street saviour [ Globe and  Mail ]
Food bank falls short [ Toronto Sun ]

TTC going diesel again after hybrid bus glitch [ Toronto Star ]


  1. Nothing to say about Adam Vaughan I haven’t already said.

    If the city complains about a tourism slump after the club crackdown, forgive me for not sympathizing.

    If Toronto’s talented electronic musicians move to the U.S., ditto.

    If people start saying “Toronto is boring” again, see above.

    Clubbing may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I don’t complain about the rowdy, drunken, fratboy hordes that leave an Argos game just because I don’t like sporting events.

    Culture is valuable. This plan totally ignores that.

  2. Oh that article so reminds me why I left Onterrible! Everything that’s the least bit enjoyable has to be regulated, deliniated, defined, described, proscribed, permitted, licensed, patrolled, CONTROLLED!! Can’t take your drink past this line, can’t do this at that time, can’t do that at this time, can’t do this or that at any time!

    Fill out a form!!

    Toronto isn’t boring, nor is it any fun. (It’s world class though, right?)

  3. Sorry about that last post, but after 15+ years of working in the bar industry in Toronto and London, that article brought back a lot of bad memories. No reason to be rude however.

    Toronto is a super-fun place; having to deal with AGCO, anti-everything citizens groups and idiot politicians on a daily basis is not fun.

  4. “If people start saying “Toronto is boring””…

    thought people were already saying that.

  5. We don’t need to lower development charges, we need to raise them. If the City feels that the construction industry needs work to keep them going, the repeat of the April 28 W-Five programme shown yesterday on TCHC’s slums shows where we need to redirect construction workers to. Mortgaging the housing stock would be more difficult now, admittedly, but if TCHC was allowed to issue bonds which investors fleeing the stock market could buy maybe it could be done.