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Thursday’s headlines

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TTC saddled with bad buses [ Globe and Mail ]
Metrolinx fix [ NOW Magazine ]
Manhunt heats up for TTC attacker [ Toronto Sun ]
Miller on 4th tour on climate [ National Post ]
Tracking toxins in our city [ Toronto Star ]
Poverty leads to poor health [ Toronto Sun ]
At the risk of magical thinking [ Toronto Sun ]
Toronto, on an island, weathering the storm [ Globe and Mail ]
Q&A with Sheldon Levy [ Globe and Mail ]
Midtown: Now in amazing 3-D [ National Post ]
Zombies. Ho hum. [ Eye Magazine ]


  1. Too bad about the buses. They produce a LOT less pollution when idling: something that happens almost 24 hours a day where I live.

  2. My first inclination on reading the “bad buses” headline was that it was related to the *regular* Orion 7 buses that are quickly replacing the older, more comfortable high-floor buses.

    Wishful thinking!

  3. I’m not sure why they must continue to buy from Daimler if things are working out this bad. We have Nova buses – including hybrids – here in KW with few complaints.