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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered


  1. Incidentally, that Street (Car Barns) Party would be exactly the type of example that Prime Minister Harper could use as an example of art being the bastion of the rich.
    Have you seen the prices of the tickets? For something that is supposed to be a “community affair”, there are plenty of people in that community of Ward 21 that will be unable to attend because they fall into a lower income bracket.

  2. Christopher, the Street(car Barns) Party isn’t a taxpayer-subsidized party. Wychwood Barns has been built with a significant amount of government money but millions has also been fundraised locally over the past decade and I think there’s something like $7 million more to go to pay off the mortgage, plus they’ll need money to run programs.

    Hundred dollar tickets isn’t for everyone but that’s how these things get paid off and it means that there will be community infrastructure for all to enjoy, regardless of income bracket.