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  1. “The driver, TTC officials said last night, is a mailroom employee who was transporting mail between offices.”

    Why the hell does the TTC use a car for mailruns rather than the subways and/or streetcars and buses? How do they expect the general public to support them when they don’t support themselves? Every time I see a TTC van idling outside a subway entrance (which is quite regularly) with one guy waiting in the shotgun seat it makes me wonder.

  2. “Why the hell does the TTC use a car for mailruns rather than the subways and/or streetcars and buses?”

    Because TTC is a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do organisation. Look at how Moscoe recently found an interest in washrooms he never displayed as TTC chair.

  3. Change of topic.

    Coffee cups, etc.

    Why is it the people who feel obligated to buy these products can’t simply take the top OFF and throw both items in the proper recycling bin?

    And why is it City Hall nor Tim’s (or any of the others) can think to educate their customers not to be such bloody slobs?

    I guess its the same notion as putting a finished cigarette in the trash rather than on the sidewalk, street….

    Perhaps the mayor should repurpose the garbage police to issue tickets to these inconsiderate individuals rather than combing thru garbage bags. They’d make more than parking tickets.

  4. Jeff, reading Barber today, it sounds like City Hall found that no recycling company would accept a paper cup with plastic lid product.

  5. I used to wonder about that too, jeff. Apparently “paper” cups are actually lined with a thin film of plastic, which makes it impossible to recycle. Hot coffee would turn a plain paper cup mushy in short order.

    Manufacturers should be held to account for the whole ife cycle of a product. If they want to make something that isn’t readily recyclable or biodegradable they should pay the costs.