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Saturday’s headlines

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  1. At 4.30 on Friday, the lineup to get into the AGO ran across Dundas, south along McCaul, right through Grange Park and north along Beverley, right back up to Dundas.

    At 4.30 Saturday, there was a triple line across the front of the AGO on Dundas, down along McCaul, and back into Grange Park.


    And at the south end of Grange Park at Queen and John, road is closed off for another massive MucHM event.

  2. Heard about the cyclist accident yesterday from a nurse via Twitter 🙁 So sad, gruesome and unfortunate.

  3. since the cab driver has been released on his own recognizance it seems the next step for the police is to find a way to blame the cyclist for getting run over
    like they did here. Oh, I forgot. They decided I “fell” on my back breaking my collarbone, 2 ribs, perforated & collapsed a lung ..
    The “witness” holding the weapon .. urm .. car sez so. They wouldn’t dare misdirect police now, would they?

  4. Sometimes the police are “carist” – and most of them live outside the city that employs them, as do many of the higher echelon of civil servants, though I didn’t hear Mayor Lastman say that latter point.
    Geoffrey hasn’t been well treated, apart from the medical system.

  5. Is there any reason why John can’t be used for these Much closures to allow Queen and its streetcar to be kept open? Or would that be “against tradition” somehow?

  6. But how do we know where the police live, hamish?