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Tuesday’s headlines

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Road tolls called ‘inevitable’ [ Toronto Star ]
Weighty price for TTC tokens [ Toronto Sun ]
Late Clarkson train [ Metro ]
Bachelor of Recycling required [ Toronto Star ]
Miller enemies take trashing [ Toronto Sun ]
We’ll all be has-bins, city claims [ Toronto Sun ]
Civil war threatening at city hall [ National Post ]
This deal is nothing to celebrate [ Globe and Mail ]


  1. The garbage email (or lack thereof) issue looks very petty on the Mayor’s behalf.

  2. yes, petty… and, alas, all too typical. Regarding the cycling accident over the weekend on dovercourt, I have a hard time understanding why, at the very least, the taxi driver was not charged with failing to remain at the scene when someone’s life was in danger. I’m not saying we have all the info on this situation yet. But surely, the driver must have been aware that the cyclist was very badly hurt.