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  1. Clearing snow on bike paths is long overdue, but like all cycling announcements in this city, I’ll believe when I see it, and still be surprised though it was announced.

  2. Mother, son hit crossing road [Toronto Star] is also a worthwhile read, along with a view of the air photo. (You can see the path worn into the grass east of Central Park Dr.) It speaks to the challenges in being a pedestrian in a suburban “downtown” environment built around the car.

  3. The article is vary unclear about what bike route will be cleared.

    There is no “multi-use path” on the Queensway and King Street West, except for a short stretch along the bottom of High Park. Do they mean the Martin Goodman Trail along the waterfront?

    “The plan also calls for a study of how much it would cost to clear the waterfront Martin Goodman Trail for use by well-bundled cyclists all winter.”

    I though the plan was to clear the Martin Goodman Trail, not keep thinking about it. It should cost any more then an obscure North York sidewalk no one uses.