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  1. I hate Toronto. I can’t help it. This city does little to make you love it, if you lived somewhere with a better street life and civic-society (Montreal and Tokyo, in my case). And the bollards and lack of plowing on one of the few safe places to ride away from witless Toronto drivers is the last straw. Wait to see it not done AGAIN this year, or done infrequently and poorly. This despite the fact I saw several dozens of tracks in the snow on the path last night, as I made another set.

  2. Before someone responds with the remark that I should move, I’d love to. As a friends said to me: “Would you live in Toronto if not for work or family?” I almost spat out my wine.

  3. The National Post article links back to a PDF of the City staff report.

    My interpretation of the staff report is that parks and rec (the authors) are looking at it from the point of view of recreational cycling. If I am reading it correctly, it indicates that the pilot project is to literally follow the trail. For the section in the west end, this may be fine. For the section in the east end, this involves following the diversion along Leslie, Unwin and Cherry, which might be the closest route to the lake for recreational cyclists, but commuters will use the path on the north side of Lake Shore Boulevard. That, and the report also talks about the need to keep the washroom facilities open through the winter.

    So I suspect they’ve missed the point. It’s not to try and get people riding down to the lake on Saturdays… it’s to provide a continuous east-west commuter route into downtown.

  4. Hell, Shawn, I’m sure you and I could find something to like in Buffalo, but whether there isn’t something to like in Toronto isn’t the point. You see, on balance…