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  1. The taxi business clearly needs some cleaning up, in licensing, traffic, and parking/stopping enforcement. Where has the Cyclists’ Union been on this file: they ran an article… Guess why I did not send them my coin.

  2. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with the reporter from The Star. We personally consider the event to have been an unexpected success! We did hit our goal, albeit unintentionally, and the “UFO-ization” of the balloons seems to have been a beautiful moment for everybody.

    Also I would not necessarily be so quick to lump us in with “Facebook-based gatherings.”

    Readers of this blog know we have a large community that we have been organizing for four years, much of which from before Facebook hit its current level of saturation. We have had events of up to 5000 participants and I don’t think that success is owed to Facebook.

    I was not expecting 500 people to come to Night Lights, I don’t really know why the reporter was either. I acknowledge it was quite chilly for an outdoor event.

    Anyway, I am glad the other commenters on the Star’s website realize Iain’s remarks missed the point of the event, and I look forward to continuing to organize free, fun, all-ages public events in Toronto and beyond 🙂